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Top 5 Massive Facebook Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business

Top 5 Massive Facebook Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business

Your page not performing the way you would like it to? Not seeing a return on your time you are investing? You could be making any number of these Facebook cardinal sins…

Not planning out your content

Fail to plan you plan to fail! An oldie but a good and never has it been more true with Facebook. Life happens, stuff happens – stocktake and birthdays and staff calling in sick happen all the time. Set aside an hour or two and plan out your content for the following week. This is really easy to do with Facebook’s schedule post function and you can easily avoid this Facebook mistake all together. We plan and schedule a week’s content in advance for our clients and you should do the same.

Not putting your customers first

It may be tempting to use Facebook as your own personal soap box to sound out your ideas and opinion or to blast your customers with promotions and deals but that would be a massive Facebook mistake. At the end of the day your page is not about you. Be helpful, solve problems and provide them with quality info and updates you think they will enjoy and want to share with others. Provide value to them

Not using Facebook ads

Unfortunately surviving off organic reach isn’t an option anymore and a big Facebook mistake if you believe you can even if you do have a big audience. The effort of post each day is absolutely wasted if next to nobody see it. Set a small budget and promote each of your posts as well as putting a little bit aside for increasing your page likes – $50 a week should do it for most small businesses.

Not being consistent

It’s hard for customers to get excited about your business or brand if you are only posting once a month, the value just isn’t there and its one of those big Facebook mistakes. Facebook thinks along those lines too, cutting down your organic reach for your posts as it looks like you aren’t serious about running your page. Consistency is key, you need to be posting 5-7 times per week depending on your industry.

Not being recognisable

No matter where a potential customer comes in contact with your brand they should easily be able to identify your page. Avoid this Facebook mistake by using the same profile picture (preferably your logo) and cover photo on all of your businesses social media pages. Make sure you also use the same business name too not extra “the” or “s” pick a name and stick with it across the board.

Have you made any of these Facebook mistakes in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

Elise Forsyth-Mort

The Owner and Head Consultant of Perth Marketing Solutions, Elise holds double degree in Marketing and Advertising, graduating with high distinction from Curtin University and has had the honour of working on once in a life time projects across Australia learning from the best of the best. At only 21 years of age she turned down a high flying corporate marketing job to start her own marketing consultancy working exclusively with small businesses and has never looked back.

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