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8 Reasons You Absolutely Need To Be On Pinterest – NOW!

8 Reasons You Absolutely Need To Be On Pinterest – NOW!

Pinterest is the newest kid on the block for social media but with its incredible growth and popularity can your business afford to ignore it’s huge potential? Here are 8 reasons why you absolutely need to be on Pinterest for you small business.

It drives tons of traffic
With an estimated 50 million monthly active users by next year how can you afford not to be on Pinterest? A fraction of that kind of traffic each month would be enough to put your business on the map!

It converts – in a big way
The percentage of online shoppers that bought an item as a result of a Pinterest recommendation was as high as 47% and the average value of that sale was $58.95! Build up a Pinterest audience and that could mean some serious cash flowing into your business.

Website integration
Get the coding right and you can get a “pin it” button to appear along each of your product. This allows customers to save your product to their favourite boards not only advertising you r product to all their friends but saving your product so they can purchase it or from you again.

It helps with your SEO
Links to your website being shared around the Internet can only be a good thing, although these are nofollow links they will still get your content in front of potential customers eyeballs #winning

Highly addictive interface
It is very easy to get lost in all the beautiful pictures and to leap from one idea to the next. Almost before you know it you are buying a cat costume, while heading to the shops to buy ingredients for southern pulled pork, while planning out how long its going to take you to make furniture out of pallets on the weekend. But this is a great thing for businesses! Pinterest makes people happy and motivated – to refresh their closet with new clothes or to try a new recipe using your product and there is no reason you can’t tap into that.

Checking in on your competition
What are their most popular pins and boards? What can you learn from their Pinterest successes and failures? Pinterest can easily provide you a wealth of information to give you a leg up.

Easily conduct market research
Say you are a t-shirt designer – you put up a board with all your designs, some are massively popular and get re-pinned heaps and some get almost no interaction. This would be a pretty good indication of what your customers like and don’t wouldn’t you think.

New advertising opportunities
Promoted Pins (Pinterest’s advertising opportunity) is being rolled out as we speak and although currently only for bigger companies, small businesses should get access soon too. In the mean time building up your Pinterest following and boards will make your advertising dollar stretch further than if you are starting with nothing when it becomes available.

Has Pintrest worked for you business? Let us know in the comments below!

Elise Forsyth-Mort

The Owner and Head Consultant of Perth Marketing Solutions, Elise holds double degree in Marketing and Advertising, graduating with high distinction from Curtin University and has had the honour of working on once in a life time projects across Australia learning from the best of the best. At only 21 years of age she turned down a high flying corporate marketing job to start her own marketing consultancy working exclusively with small businesses and has never looked back.

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