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Six Reasons You Really Need to Purge Your Social Media Accounts

Six Reasons You Really Need to Purge Your Social Media Accounts

Our social media accounts are becoming bloated with the pages we like and follow. Which in turn creates feeds full of more content than we could ever hope to consume or even want to. Here are the reasons we think it’s time for everyone to declutter their accounts and regain control in their online lives.

You are missing out on important content
Algorithms have become the norm for the social media sites we know and love. Facebook and Twitter already make the decision for us on what we will see in our feeds (or even what we won’t see at all) and Instagram is tipped to follow suit in the near future. Following pages you don’t actually like means you miss out on the posts from pages you are actually interested in as your feed scrambles to try and show you posts from all the pages you have connected with.

Your tastes have changed
Nothing to be ashamed of, things change! You may have really liked batman comics back in the day but now you have better things to do that watch nerdy fan boys talk about their figurine collections. It’s time to move on, strategically – use this opportunity to discover some new interests and expand your knowledge in other fields, out with the old and in with the new.

The account has become spammy
It is unfortunate but popular accounts get bought and sold all the time. The page that was constantly sharing pure awesome-ness back in the day now forces click bate down your throat? Definitely been sold, some companies will pay big bucks for pages with large, engaged followings. No point sticking around only to get advertised to about Justin Bieber’s 10 secret hair styling tricks #unfollow.

You are feeling uninspired
Do you scroll through your social media feed only to feel like you haven’t found anything you really like? Nothing takes your interest? Social media posts should inspire you, inform you or at the very least entertain you. If you aren’t finding quality in your news feed it’s time for a major overhaul.

You followed them because they followed you
You may have felt obligated at the time or maybe you were trying to build your follower base, who knows what you were thinking. What we do know is photos of random peoples babies and flat pack furniture choices don’t make for riveting viewing. You shouldn’t have to filter through other peoples crap to get something great, time for a clean out.

They went out of business / they don’t post anymore
Businesses die, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but a random, half baked post every 3 to 6 months is not reason enough for you to give up your valuable time. A business that is serious about social media posts frequently and posts valuable content at all times. If they aren’t serious about providing value to their follower base then you shouldn’t be serious about following them.

At the end of the day, social media has become the primary way a large proportion of us are exposed to important information. Not to say a good cat video isn’t good for the soul but since we are only getting more and more time poor, why not create the kind of feed that has serves up quality info, everyday, tailored just for you.


Elise Forsyth-Mort

The Owner and Head Consultant of Perth Marketing Solutions, Elise holds double degree in Marketing and Advertising, graduating with high distinction from Curtin University and has had the honour of working on once in a life time projects across Australia learning from the best of the best. At only 21 years of age she turned down a high flying corporate marketing job to start her own marketing consultancy working exclusively with small businesses and has never looked back.

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